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Hey EP! Hope all is well in your worlds. Mine, as I am very happy to say, hasn't been too bad. Friday was like any other day. I went to school, stayed quiet, snuck out of lunch, laughed with friends, and didn't have rehearsals. Best part of the day was when I unintentionally scheduled a rehearsal with AMTC in Philly this Saturday... with no way to get there, and no clue what I'm doing!!! It was an honest mistake but now I really want to go! I've been looking at colleges to go to and this would be lovely on a application. Plus, I like the idea of singing, dancing, modeling, and acting for God. It gives me warm fuzzies. Saturday was my day of silence. It was actually really easy. It made me do a lot of thinking and I really liked it. I only talked once and that was to scream at my nephew because he was acting like a jerk. What's new... But I did do a lot of thinking. I mean I actually sat down and "inventoried" myself. Kind of wierd, I know, but I disected myself to the point where I was discovering stuff that I didn't even know. It wasn't too bad. I'm actually considering doing it every Saturday. Sunday, I went to church bet ended up skipping (I know, I'm going to hell in a gasoline drenched handbasket :0) and going to school to help with the set building and painting. We sang Call Me Maybe about fifty times and S&M even more, which was extremely awkward. When my teacher got to the part where Rihanna sings, "I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it," and tries to skip the next part, I still belt out, "Sex in the air, I don't care! I love the smell of it!" I'm kind of glad we had a snow day today... Especially since the girl that I go to church with was there and it was one of those moments where she's just like any other teen girl so she didn't really care but the knowledge of the fact that I do go to church kinda made it awkward. Later that night, I went to the confirmation orientation. I was extremely shocked when I saw N there. Like he'd been considering getting confirmed but I never really expected him to show up. I'm glad that he did. Having a mentor for the next 8 weeks will be really good for him. It'll be good for me too. I think we both need it. I'm new to all of this in a way (Like I've been going to church since the day my mom took me home from the hospital but as a kid who grew up baptist, this is kinda different, but in a good way.) But yeah, the night ended with a very strange dream that is kind of hard to explain. I was on the run from these people who were trying to steal this credit card from me. They ended up framing me for something and I had to hide from a swat team. The guy who went looking for me almost found me but didn't. Then when they left my house, someone tried to sneak in my house through the window so I began faking seizures. Turns out the person was my mom and when she saw me, she tried to figure out what was wrong with me and ended up just shoving two pills down my throat. I didn't trust her though and the entire time I was thinking about the wallet and hoping that she wouldn't find it. I didn't trust anybody in the dream. Then I woke up. DUH! Today has been SWEET! There's no school due to a snow storm which is like a major bummer but other than that it's been great. I've been doing a little Valentine's Day (Worst day of the year for me) shopping (why not take advantage of the discounts?) and discovered that Amazon is having like a major sale and selling all this stuff for like .01. No, that's not a typo. They're literally, only a penny!!! Like I spent a dime on stuff that would've been like $653.35... LOVING IT! Well, it's been real. It's been fun. But it hasn't - oh screw it! Love you guys! I'm going back to shopping!

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